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What Have We Been Up To???

Well, it's been a while since we've posted and we thought we might bring you up to date:

*Bed & Boxing at the Cape was a huge success. We had a ball hunting the tons of boxes there. Special thanks to Chunna and Rabbit Tracks who planted several series especially for this Pinecone Adventure! Everyone had their own opinion as to where next year's event should take place. We're working on it and will announce it shortly after the first of the year. Hope you all can make it - these weekend events are so much fun and everyone is different in its own unique way.

* Sue & I and 10 other letterboxers joined a tour of Italy for 12 days. It was an amazing journey - much more about that later.

* While in Italy, we met up with old pal, Phyto of Maine, who is in school in Naples, Italy. She is the boxer who carved our sig stamp many years ago. You'll find the story about that sig stamp in the "About Us" section of our blog.

Phyto gifted us with a new sig stamp - one that we love and hopefully we can exchange it with you in the very near future. We'll be posting it at the top of our blog shortly to replace the older version which we will retire.

* While in Italy, we planted a 2 box series called "The Pinecone Pair" which was artfully carved by Maude of the mid West. While she insisted that the images didn't represent anyone in particular, we thought they could represent Sue & I. The first box is planted in Rome which was our first tour stop and the second in Bellagio, Lake Como which is our last stop on the tour. Clues to be posted soon. We hope you all get to find them someday as Italy is an amazing place - somewhere everyone should visit at least once!

* At least once? No way! Plans will be worked on for a return to Italy in 2016 for a southern Italy Pinecone Adventure that will feature Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento and Sicily. Our tour guide who led us on our last trip does freelancing and on the second day of our tour, I asked if he would work with me on a return trip to southern Italy. Without hesitation, he agreed and our return to Italy began to take shape. Let me know if you might be interested in traveling with us. This will be a Pinecone Adventure designed by me so you can be assured of great destinations, wonderful hotels and all the bells and whistles you find on one of our trips. Ciao!

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