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So . . .

It’s been a while; like 6 years! But we’re returning to the blogosphere. 
Sue and I have been boxing and running trips during this time but I’ve missed the creative aspect of this blog. Plus, we’ve retired so I have more time to update things here. 

Keep your eyes on this page for som…

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The Eagles Have Landed!

On Facebook, I noticed this very cool page from Berry College, located in Mount Berry, GA. They have had an eagle couple that have frequented the campus and have raised young. There is a live cam that shows the daily progress of the 2 eggs that are in the nest and their parents.

Yesterday, th…

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Winter Poem

 I received the following poem from Tiptoe & Tonto last night. It was written by their friend, Dennis Lonstine and published in the local paper. I think it probably sums up how many of us feel; especially today as we are enduring yet another winter storm!

 Winter---Be Gone!

Enough of this vort…

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Pinecone Adventures for 2014

We're off to a flying start for our 2 trips for 2014 that are both sold out!

Our first trip is our return to Dartmoor for the third time with a group of 18 boxers.

We leave PM from JFK, NY on August 28; land at Heathrow Airport in London on Friday, August 29 and make the 3.5 hour trip to our h…

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Show Some Bookworm Letterboxing Love!

Our good friend, Bookworm, met with a tragedy in her life last weekend when a fire broke out at her home in CT while they were at church. She and her husband, dog and cat are fine but cannot live in her house for a while due to the extensive damage; which was undergoing a major renovation.

So, we t…

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Some Exciting News!

Hi everyone. It's been some time since we've posted but we had to break our silence to announce that Sue & I will be grandparents for the first time in April!

Christmas Eve we found out that it will be a boy and Steve & Katie have decided to name him Mason.

So - I thought it would be cool if we su…

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The Kindness of Noxers???

Sue & I were in VT this past weekend celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary! Whew - where did the time go??

When we got home, I found this great email in my inbox:

FYI - found your Jumping Frog message book cache by random chance while looking for golf balls at Timberlin. 
Most recent po…

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Seriously? Are You Kidding Me?



I can't believe that there are still overnight and day tripper openings for Labor Day weekend's 15th  anniversary celebration of letterboxing called Live & Breathe XV.  Here we are only several months away. Come on!

When it was first published that this event would be located …

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A Great May Gathering!

We'd like to bring to your attention a gathering that will take place in a most exceptional spot and one of our  favorite areas - Downeast Maine.

The gathering will be held Friday, May 17 through Sunday, May 19. Buddy Robin's Nest emailed us to advise us of the Twilight Downeast gathering. Arra…

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Help Celebrate a Special Birthday!!!

I received this email from Pink Panther last week and hope that you all can help her out:

"Posting this here and hoping that my Dad continues not to read the posts of AQ (Sorry Ryan). 

Pop The Sailor Man, the other half of RV Greyhound Travelers turns 80 in June. We are have a B-day bash near t…

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Bed & Boxing 6

 We have our dates and a location for our annual Bed & Boxing weekend. This year, we are back at the Cape Point Hotel for the weekend of October 18 to 20, 2013.

Come and join us for this fun weekend at the Cape in the fall and hunt for those great, historic Cape boxes. And don't forget the seafo…

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What Have We Been Up To???

Well, it's been a while since we've posted and we thought we might bring you up to date:

*Bed & Boxing at the Cape was a huge success. We had a ball hunting the tons of boxes there. Special thanks to Chunna and Rabbit Tracks who planted several series especially for this Pinecone Adventure! Everyone …

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Want to follow us in Italy?

I tried to post to this website with my iPad and sadly discovered that without Flash (there isn't such a thing as Mac-based Flash) that we would not be able to post on this blog.

So speaking to our good friend, Dave, he suggested an easy way out. Create a talk list and post to that. Following Dave's…

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Blogging in Italia . . .

When I bought my used iPad in the spring, I also bought a Bluetooth keyboard for it. My intention - to blog while Sue & I and 10 other letterboxers are in Italy later this month for 13 days. As long as the internet is available in our hotels, we will be blogging about our trip at the end of every da…

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What a Weekend!

What a great weekend. We had cool weather and sunny skies in VT. Dave & Deanne came up for the weekend and we found a few boxes on Saturday and 1 today as well. Had lots of time to catch up with the Lazy one and the Ham and time to plan our strategy for our free time during our Viva Italia Letterbox…

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A Few Milestones Reached Today!

Well, today's a special day here in Pineconeville, USA. Sue & I are celebrating 2 very important milestones.

The first is Sue's landmark birthday. While it's not proper to divulge a woman's age, suffice it to say that AARP has been knocking at our door! I'm 6 months older, so I recognize the knock! B…

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Mama Mia, It's Official!

It's official - we've met our minimum for our Viva Italia Letterboxing Tour this October!

All of our 11 participants are very excited. We needed a minimum of 20 people total for the trip to happen on the dates we signed up. Word came through yesterday from our agency contact that we had met the 20 p…

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Difficult to Believe!

This past weekend, we headed to VT to revive our batteries a bit. While it rained most of Saturday, we had a chance to go by our Where Are We? letterbox; which is a mystery letterbox.

Much to our amazement, the edifice in the picture clue was moved from where it was several years ago!!! It was moved …

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Bed & Boxing #5 Dates Set

We've finally chosen a spot for our 5th annual Bed & Boxing weekend - Cape Cod!
Even though last year's weekend and location was a huge success, we just couldn't come up with a weekend at Woodbound Inn that fit our schedule and theirs. Hopefully, we'll return there again for B & B 6.

But in the me…

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Mamma Mia!!!

 That's right - mamma mia!

Our Viva Italia Letterboxing Tour!!! has reached 13 members. And with the minimum of 20 people, there are only 3 spaces left to make that minimum (maximum for this trip is 38 people.) No - my math is correct because the tour has 4 people not from our group set to travel …

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