Boxing with Mark & Sue


Matterhorn Inn, Route 100 in West Dover, VT.

Times: 10am to 11pm

Number of New Boxes to Premiere at the Event: 57!

This old fashioned gathering will celebrate the important role that Vermont has played in the beginnings of letterboxing in the US. The first (hand-carved) letterbox, Prayer Rock, was placed in Bristol, VT by pioneers Erik and Susan Davis - who we affectionately call the godfather and godmother of letterboxing. Another pioneer, Tom Cooch, planted early boxes for the Davises to find back in the day in the Randolph and Braintree area of central VT. The first letterboxing gathering was held in Killington, VT in 1999 and was attended by the Davises, Tom Cooch, and others. Also, Valley Quest, which predates letterboxing, began in the upper CT River Valley of VT and NH and still flourishes today.

Our event will have something for everyone! There will be 57 new letterboxes to premiere at the event and the option to stay at one of 3 B & B's Saturday evening after the following gathering activities: a covered gathering area in the foothills of VT in the shadow of Mount Snow, a catered BBQ picnic and a bonfire to cap the day off.

While the event's activities are scheduled just for Saturday, we invite you to come early or linger past the event and enjoy all that Southern VT has to offer. There are 3 B & B's involved that will offer nicely discounted rates for Saturday night and a very low rate to come early and stay Friday night as well with a Saturday evening booking. There are numerous camping options at nearby State Parks for those so inclined. Also, for some of you in New England, this could be a one day event but we encourage all of you to come and stay to allow yourself the time to enjoy the many new boxes that will premiere for this event as well as the activities planned for the day at the gathering.

There will be a logbook-making demo in the morning when you arrive. Sarah Shippee, a local scrapbooker, has volunteered to set up a table with small kits to purchase to learn how to make custom logbooks for your letterboxes. Sarah is also making special, limited edition Back to Our Roots logbooks into which you can stamp all of the day's finds and exchanges. See below for pictures, descriptions and prices.

Rates for the 3 B & B's are located here: and rooms will be available even the night of the event. If you box all day and want to remain in the area because the night's festivities run late - or if you haven't gotten all of the event boxes, see Sue or myself and we'll direct you to Deb & John Bailey who will help you find one of the 3 inns at which to stay. The fun is planned to run quite late so if you think the day will be great - wait for the night!!!

NEW INFO: The Matterhorn Inn has agreed to offer our attendees 2 breakfast specials for those of you arriving early and not staying at a B & B that has included breakfast.

Continental breakfast - coffee or tea, juice, danish, fruit @ $4.50

Full Vermont Country Breakfast @ $9.99

Also - the Matterhorn has a liquor license so beer and wine will be available during the BBQ dinner and bonfire that follows from the rustic shack that is located next to the bonfire bit. Draft beer at $3 and $4 (limited choices) and wine at $4.50 and $6.00.


Ideas for raffle items might be hiking items, carving tools & media, logbooks, lock-n-lock containers, compass, backpack, hiking sticks, headlamps, your local state's letterboxing patch, etc.



Besides the 100 limited edition "Back to Our Roots" patches on sale for $3, we will also have Newboxers patches on sale for $3 each as well as "Just Get Out There & Box" wrist bands @ $5 each. A small assortment of remaining Bed & Boxing and Letterboxing Cruise patches will also be on hand @ $3 each. See Mark or Sue.

Special "Back to Our Roots" Commemorative Logbooks

designed and created by Sarah Shippee, West Dover, VT



Back to our Roots Commemorative Logbook A

 48-page, hand-bound journal designed specifically for the "Back to Our Roots" weekend in southern Vermont's Deerfield Valley. Use this journal to record your letterboxing finds, both with stamps and photographs - photo corners are included for mounting pictures in the book. Includes a "Vermont" page marker with a self-tying closure integrated into the book's design. Price: $20.00.

Back to our Roots Commemorative Logbook B
48-page, hand-bound journal created for 'open-ended' use. A cover plate of the state of Vermont is included but will be left unmounted, in case you prefer to use this journal in another location. Design your own cover instead, using the other side of the cover mount. 2-3 ink colors are used to create one-of-a-kind, unique book covers. Price: $15.00

Monkey journal

 The cover design of this 48-page monkey journal includes birch bark, watercolor paper and vintage book pages. It is hand-bound and sized to fit in a small, rectangular bin. Buy more than one to use the next time you are planting letterboxes. Price: $5.00.


Please note on all logbooks:
All interior pages are made from painting/inking paper. This paper is designed to resist warping and curling in reaction to paint and ink and is sturdy enough to allow (in most cases) both sides of each page to be used without bleed-through.
In order to ensure that your book is waiting for you upon your arrival at the Back to Our Roots weekend, please order no later than June 16 (click the type to go to an email form to place your order.)
A limited number of books will be available on a first-come first-served basis if you are not able to place your order by the 13th. Any books ordered by the deadline will be complete and waiting for you when you arrive; just make your payment (cash or checks) and receive your books! Place your order now - keep all of your exchanges and the event boxes all in one convenient keepsake!




Questions & Answers


How do I register?

Visit the event page on Atlas Quest to reserve your spot. Respond with the pull down menu as to the number of people in your party. Then book your room at one of the 3 B & B's here. It's easy!

I'm new to letterboxing - is this an event for me? What about kids?

You betcha! You'll be greeted warmly and we'll help you in any way we can. This is a family event and we invite singles, couples and families alike.

Will there be just local Vermonters at the event?

No way - at last count, we have boxers from 14 states!

Are the boxes easy to find or the hikes long?

Sue & I have planted a very few drivebys (some are mysteries) but the average hike is about a mile to a mile and a half round trip. The longest hike is 4 miles round trip but it's worth it!

Will the boxes remain in place after the event?

Yes - all but 2 will remain in place.

Are the stamps all hand-carved?

Yes they are and carvers from many parts of the country are represented.

Is there any charge to attend the event?

No, there is no charge! That includes the Sundance Lodge, clue packet and even the bonfire! But we ask that you bring a raffle item to donate and that you purchase raffle tickets. There will also be a donation jar on one of the tables to help us with our expenses.

So all the good stuff happens on Saturday only?

No - not at all! If you are staying at one of the B & B's, you are invited to a Welcome Reception to be start at 8pm on Friday, June 19 at the Austin Hill Inn. The 3 B & B's and Sue & I are supplying finger foods like crackers & cheese, nachos & salsa, etc. There is no charge to you except you should bring your own bottle of your favorite drink. And be sure to have dinner before since these will be light snacks. This will be a great way to meet some of the other boxers before the event and maybe find a box or two.

What's for dinner on Saturday at the event?

The Deerfield Valley Rotary Club will be setting up a barbeque with hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, sides like salads and even a dessert. All items can be ordered a la carte from the menu as you wish and you will pay the cashier directly.

How about clues?

When you register at 10am, you will be given a clue packet of the new boxes for the event. You should print off any existing boxes before you leave home. You will also be provided a few trail maps and a map of the area. Your packet will contain a wealth of information and we encourage you to spend a few minutes with it before you head off to the trails.

What should I bring with me?

Your letterboxing supplies (logbook or order one of the special commemorative ones, your signature stamp, a compass, ink and/or markers), your water bottle, comfortable shoes or hiking boots preferably, hiking poles if you normally use them, bug spray, a hat and layers of clothing since VT mornings and evenings tend to get a little cool.

What's going on after dinner?

We'll have the raffle and enjoy the bonfire . . . .

Anything else you aren't telling us?

Oh baby - you betcha! Isn't that the best part? After all - this is a Pinecone Adventure!





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