Boxing with Mark & Sue

Take Time To . . . Series

This series was planted in February of 2010 and clues were just found as we cleaned out our computer desk in January of 2012! 


RTRW is one of our best letterboxing friends. While she loves to carve, she's not crazy about planting and doing maintenance on boxes. Whenever we would see her, she'd pass me a fistful of intricately carved beauties and say "You can have any and all of these that you want." Invariably, we would take them all and plant them. 

So in February of 2010, armed with these boxes but still un-named, we headed to St. Augustine Beach, Florida for a winter escape to a warmer clime. On the plane ride down, I started thinking about how I could tie these distinctly different images into a cohesive series. It would come to me eventually, I thought.

As the plane ride progressed, I started thinking about how precious was the time Sue & I spent together on vacation. I only get 3 weeks a years; Sue gets more. And that led me to think about how brief and precious time was for everyone. Our lives seem to speed by at the blink of an eye. 

Along those same lines, I thought of those totally unconnected stamp images and realized that they could represent some of the more important things in life for which we should participate and take time to accomplish. Thus, this series was borne.



Please note that the series represents a jaunt along the northern to mid Florida shoreline. We planted these boxes during our week there and don't think it's a series you'd want to rush through. We enjoyed the boxes and the communities along the way, and some of the great restaurants as well. Please, take time to enjoy the area where these boxes, and boxes by others that brought us to these locations, are planted - like life, they should be savored and enjoyed!




"Take Time to . . . . ." Series

a series of 6 boxes along the Florida coastline


Enjoy the Arts!

St. Augustine Amphitheatre, St. Augustine, FL



Up the steps to the left at the sign for St. John's County Nature Arboretum. Take a left over the wooden walkway. With the building on your right, take a left path off of the sidewalk. Continue straight on this upper path; avoiding any left paths going down.

Half way across another wooden bridge, look down to the remains of a low stone structure/wall. Note the shelf in the structure. Look on the back side of the shelf - between the bricks in the wall for your first box in this series.

Please re-hide carefully.



Enjoy History!

St. Augustine Lighthouse, St. Augustine, FL



Find #4 and head up hill. A the T intersection, turn right towards the end and continue until the path bears to your right. Do not take any right paths. Look right shortly after you see the turn for this:





Find the Child Within!

Seminole Woods Neighborhood Park, 350 Sesame Boulevard, Palm Coast, FL



Take the path on the left of the basketball court. Follow this trail around the fields until you are standing directly in line with the blue door of the building off in the distance near the parking lot.

Check out the base of the twin pine on the right to find the box.

Please re-hide carefully!



Hanna Park, Jacksonville, FL



From the stop sign at the entrance to the parking lots 3 & 4, enter the biking trail on left. Go straight and cross the bridge. Path winds around and heads slightly uphill. Continue to a live oak with a low, arching branch over the path. Around the back is what you seek.

Please re-hide carefully!




Vaill Point Park, Moultrie Creek, St. Augustine, FL



Find your way to the park on Vaill Point Road. Follow the 2 pictures below to find the box.

Please re-hide carefully!


PIX 1  & 2


Contribute to Your Community!

Washington Oaks State Park, Palm Coast, FL



12 steps @ 160 degrees from this orange blaze to the back of a live oak.

Please re-hide carefully!




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