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Want to follow us in Italy?

I tried to post to this website with my iPad and sadly discovered that without Flash (there isn't such a thing as Mac-based Flash) that we would not be able to post on this blog.

So speaking to our good friend, Dave, he suggested an easy way out. Create a talk list and post to that. Following Dave's advice, we've created Viva Italia Blog, a Yahoo talk list where once you join, you will receive the day's activities of our group right to your mailbox; or choose to read it on the talk list homepage.

Here's the talk list homepage.

When you joined, you will notice that it's moderated and I have to allow you access. Access is open to everyone - we just put that in place to stop spammers. Just identify yourself - trailname and state and we'll approve you. Be sure to join before October 23 so we can approve you. Once we get past that date, we'll be preparing to travel. Thanks!

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