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Mamma Mia!!!

 That's right - mamma mia!

Our Viva Italia Letterboxing Tour!!! has reached 13 members. And with the minimum of 20 people, there are only 3 spaces left to make that minimum (maximum for this trip is 38 people.) No - my math is correct because the tour has 4 people not from our group set to travel on that date that have reserved space but have not yet made a deposit. 

Check out our AQ Event Page here and our blog's entry with all the particulars of the trip located here. This is one heck of a bargain at a leisurely pace with time on our own to sightsee, hunt for existing boxes and plant our own new ones. It is almost a fully inclusive price except for airfare and a few other minor items like tour guide gratuities and transfers from Rome's airport to our hotel.

The trip starts in eternal Rome and wends it's way north, hopscotching along the scenic Italian countryside to our final departure point of Milan.  We will see all of the main sights in Rome, Assisi, Florence, Venice, Lake Como and much more. Pricing includes 9 dinners, all breakfasts and 1 lunch as well as all entries to museums, sights, etc. and bus and train accommodations, baggage handling. 

This trip also includes a free night in Rome and breakfast the next morning so we'll have a full day to enjoy the city before the "real" tour begins. There will be a full time professional guide who will be with us the entire trip as well as local experts that we will pick up along the way like at the Vatican; experts who will not only make this trip special, but a learning experience. Learn how one of Italy's leading winemakers goes about their craft (and enjoy lunch and wine while there,) take a gondola ride in Venice, see the balcony reported to belong to Juliet from Romeo & Juliet, view the Colosseum in Rome in a more, up close manner than ever before, see how much that Leaning Tower leans and view all of those wonderful paintings, statuary, architecture and history that you've only viewed in books! Be there to soak up all of these amazing sights in person!

Please come and join us. We're proud to say that everyone except 1 of the 13 travelers in our group came with us on the Alaskan cruise last June (and several have traveled with us on other Pinecone Adventures as well!) And that 13th person held a mini meet for us in Anchorange!! This is a real fun, great group of people; it's amazing how close we became after spending time together in Alaska. Now we get to do that all over again - but in Italy!

We hope that you can join us and add to this Pinecone family! Email me with any questions you might have. Time is running out . . . . . .

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