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Help Celebrate a Special Birthday!!!

I received this email from Pink Panther last week and hope that you all can help her out:

"Posting this here and hoping that my Dad continues not to read the posts of AQ (Sorry Ryan). 

Pop The Sailor Man, the other half of RV Greyhound Travelers turns 80 in June. We are have a B-day bash near their new hometown in Bedford, PA.

Anyone who would be kind enough to send a stamp to me for this auspicious occasion could do so before May 25th. I know many of this community have met them on their adventures when they were full-time RVers and travelled the US. 

AQ mail me for details or questions. I will probably present the stamps on his birthday.  I am sure they will have a great time planting them in their favorite park in the area. 

They are currently in FL, and yes they have been letterboxing down there! 

Thanks in advance

Pink Panther"


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