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What a Perfect Day!

What a great day Sunday was for Sue & I. We went out boxing with Tsuki Ames and Jei for the day in Penwood State Park in Bloomfield. After a late start, I was loading up the car when a red car pulled in the driveway with Rubaduc and Gizz inside!

"We're heading out to Penwood to do your early boxes" …

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In Memorium

Sue & I mourn the passing of letterboxer Northstar, who died a few weeks ago at a very young age. Those of you new to boxing might not recognize the name as he wasn't very active in recent years. He leaves his wife Gina and a daughter.

Our best memories of Northstar, a CT boxer, was a certain clue t…

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Some More Italy Trip Info . . . .

Now that we've whet your appetite for our Viva Italia trip, we now have some more info - although unconfirmed at this point but just about certain:

1) We're looking at a departure date of Wednesday, October 24th to arrive in Rome on the morning of the 25th. This tour includes an extra, free night at…

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Join Us on a Pinecone Adventure to Italy~

That's right - we're taking a group to Italy this year - probably October. I'm having a conversation with several tour companies and want to get an idea of how many of you are seriously interested in a 10 to 12 day tour of Italy with Sue & I

While itineraries are still be discussed, the followin…

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Merry Christmas!

Sue & I would like to wish all of you and yours a wonderful Christmas or whatever your holiday might celebrate.

We wish you happy times with loved ones and friends; good cheer and good health always and all the peace that this season should bring!

And our best wishes for a Happy & Healthy 2012! Ma…

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Repeating Numbers???

Ever notice how things keep repeating? Like when you learn a new word, you tend to see it many times after you learn it. Or you notice a model of car that you like and have never seen - then you find the same model wherever you turn. 

Well, over the past few weeks the number 60,000 has come up seve…

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Help is Still Needed in VT

Sue & I had the opportunity to go to VT again this past weekend. While we noted some marked improvements like repaired roads and guardrails, there still is a mammoth need for food and money to help local families. The stores in the downtown area of Wilmington are ever so slowly opening but for some,…

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Bed & Boxing 4 Report

Event Stamp and Patch Design - by Bungalow Boxer

What a weekend! 

This was our largest attended Bed & Boxing in the 4 years we've been doing it. Counting day trippers, we ended up with 83 attendees. About 55 people stayed at the Woodbound Inn with us in a combination of accommodations ranging from…

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Another Boxing Convert?

Today, Sue & I took some friends for their first day of letterboxing. We've been talking about it with them for some time but couldn't find an opportunity to get together until today. We made plans to eat at a Middletown restaurant after we boxed so we left 1 car there and started our boxing afterno…

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Please Help!

Those of you that follow this blog know that if there's anything we love as much as letterboxing - it's Vermont. As you probably know, the Wilmington area of southern Vermont was one of the hardest hit from Hurricane Irene several weeks ago, according to FEMA during their recent visit there to acces…

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We Must Never Forget . . .

As we go about our daily lives today, we must not forget the tragedy and sacrifice that our country faced 10 years ago today. Over 3000 Americans perished because of the hateful attack at the hands of terrorists. But we demonstrated that out of this tragedy came a united country which showed the str…

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Irene was a Disaster!

As we write this, our power has returned and our lives are getting somewhat back to normal. Our entire family is fine but not so for many in Irene's path - especially those in our adopted home of Vermont. If you've watched the network national news (if you have power,)  you've witnessed the complete…

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Amazing . . .

That's the only word to describe our 12 day Letterboxing Cruise to Alaska!!! Everything was amazing - the friends who attended, the boxes they brought and we found (about 60 on the ship!) the scenery, the cruise ship and the service and food, the Alaskan people - just amazing.

This is a trip that e…

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Happy Father's Day!!

It's been a long time since I've posted but wanted to stop in to wish all the dads a very special day. We're headed to our youngest son & daughter-in-law's house, Steve & Katie, for a picnic with her parents and our oldest son and daughter-in-law, Matt & Meredith. What could be better?

Coming in a v…

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Mini Meet in PA

Thanks to Irene (formerly of Hikers & Hounds) now known as Dancing Bat, Sue & I will have a PA mini meet on Monday, April 25th.

We'll be in PA from Easter Sunday through Friday. Our headquarters will be in Bushkill, but we plan to visit the Allentown area on that Monday with our local guide, Lightn…

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Want To Design a New Patch???

Well, you can!

Choi, webmaster extrordinaire, announced on our Newboxers List that the LBNA is looking for a new design for their patch. There are no fees or ads involved with this first ever letterboxing clue repository so it runs strictly on donations. The patch is a form of a thank you given to…

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Shhhhh - It's A Secret!

Several weeks ago, Sue & I attended MoJo's gathering in Portland, CT. It was a great afternoon - time to reconnect with both old friends and new.

During that gathering, we had an opportunity to share a conversation with Steve of Celtic Roots. Steve wondered if I would ever consider publishing more …

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Change Your Bookmarks, Please!

Our Pinecone Boxing website is moving . . . and not by choice! Our web host - - has "rebranded" itself to "" I don't know how they come up with this stuff!!!

So if you've bookmarked us, our official new web URL is You will be automatically re-routed…

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News & More News

* Best wishes go out to our pal, Dave, the Letterboxing Ham, who recently broke his heel. He is progressing nicely but is staying off of his feet as much as possible. And if you've ever seen this guy in action at a gathering - cooking at a grill or manning the kitchen or just serving on cleanup - yo…

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Love is in the Air!!!

It's certainly that time of year again!

Sue altered her holly "cookie" recipe for Christmas, made from corn flakes, to make heart-shaped goodies for our two sets of newlyweds. She dyed the flakes red instead of the normal green and sprinkled the tops with red candy hearts. Great job, eh?

And to fur…

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