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The Kindness of Noxers???

Sue & I were in VT this past weekend celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary! Whew - where did the time go??

When we got home, I found this great email in my inbox:

FYI - found your Jumping Frog message book cache by random chance while looking for golf balls at Timberlin. 
Most recent post in the book prior to mine was from earlier this year (March/April).  I cleaned it up a bit and replaced it at the base of the large cherry tree, one large trunk of which has recently blown down.  I forgot to date my post in the book, but will carry a pen down with me next time I'm in CT to visit my Dad and date it (he lives on Chamberlain Hwy, and I walk my dog at the park whenever I visit).  The book still has about 5 blank pages, so good for awhile.  Tim L (Schodack, NY)

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