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Mama Mia, It's Official!

It's official - we've met our minimum for our Viva Italia Letterboxing Tour this October!

All of our 11 participants are very excited. We needed a minimum of 20 people total for the trip to happen on the dates we signed up. Word came through yesterday from our agency contact that we had met the 20 person threshold with additional sign ups.

There's still time for you to make this trip if you are interested; but time is running out! All of the info can be found here on our AQ event page.  

In fact, Nana C of Nana C and the Seedlings from Alaska is looking for a room mate so she can save the $769 upcharge for a single occupant on the trip. Interested? Let me know via email and I'll send it along. If she already has a room mate, maybe we can pair you up with someone else.

Come and join us on this trip of a lifetime as we wend our way from Rome north; hitting all of the important churches, museums and attractions. Throw in some wine and great food and a bit of gelato and you've got yourself memories to last a lifetime!  

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