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In Memorium

Sue & I mourn the passing of letterboxer Northstar, who died a few weeks ago at a very young age. Those of you new to boxing might not recognize the name as he wasn't very active in recent years. He leaves his wife Gina and a daughter.

Our best memories of Northstar, a CT boxer, was a certain clue that he left on our website! Don't want to spoil anything but suffice it to say, I was amazed when I spotted the clue, did some research and found that the answer brought us to a well known area cemetery where the boxing began. This series brought Sue & I many hours of consternation and fun!

It was a unique way in which to clue a box and we will be forever grateful to Rob for the joy that he gave us. He told me once that he received so many visitors at this series that he was going to have me hide more of his clues on our blog. Northstar's carving was excellent and he managed to stay below the radar - just doing his thing. We appreciate his talent and wish the best to those loved ones that he left behind. There is some talk of a special box to be planted in his honor but that is still in the planning stages. We'll let you know when that happens.

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