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Difficult to Believe!

This past weekend, we headed to VT to revive our batteries a bit. While it rained most of Saturday, we had a chance to go by our Where Are We? letterbox; which is a mystery letterbox.

Much to our amazement, the edifice in the picture clue was moved from where it was several years ago!!! It was moved up a hill, about 100 feet away from the original location where we planted the box.

"Look!" said Sue. "They moved it! Our box must be lost!"

"I think I just received an email report that someone found it last week," I replied as I turned into the area to check it out. Running between raindrops, you can imagine my surprise when I actually found the box exactly where it should have been! 

Whoever moved this landmark, also moved our box as well! That was a bright and sunny surprise for us on such a dismal, rainy day. West Dover and Wilmington, VT officials have been wonderful in working with us when we had our Back to Our Roots gathering several years ago. They understand the importance of letterboxing and how it brings people from out of the area to hunt boxes we've planted there. Do a quick search on 10 mile from West Dover, VT and I think you'll be surprised at the 80+ boxes in the area.  We thank whomever it was who decided to move our box with the landmark.

Wonder if it was that "Official Letterb0x" printed in the logbook?  :-)


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