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A Few Milestones Reached Today!

Well, today's a special day here in Pineconeville, USA. Sue & I are celebrating 2 very important milestones.

The first is Sue's landmark birthday. While it's not proper to divulge a woman's age, suffice it to say that AARP has been knocking at our door! I'm 6 months older, so I recognize the knock! Best wishes to the most important person in my life. Happy birthday, Sue!

The second milestone, which is connected with Sue's birthday, is  our 10th anniversary in letterboxing! On another milestone birthday 10 years ago I surprised Sue with a weekend at a B & B. That's the weekend we started boxing - and haven't quit yet. It's been a great ride and we hope to never stop! Funny, we just started our 18th logbook last weekend! What a fast and terrific 10 years. We've made so many great friends all across the country and the world while pursuing Tupperware!

So, lucky us, we have 2 very important milestones to celebrate today. Pardon us while we toast ourselves!!! 


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